Harry Potter Wars & Internet Influence

The internet has definitely changed the way we consume media, in that, we can find almost anything for whatever we are into.  Fans can become super fans in the amount and types of consumption.  On the internet, you can find bands like Harry and The Potters, or parody videos which include Harry Potter’s likeness.  Even Jenkin’s wrote a chapter in his “Convergence Culture” about a girl who wrote an online fantasy newspaper called “The Daily Prophet” where contributors of all ages can write articles as if they were in the Harry Potter story.

Warner Bros. thought they had all of the power, especially when it came to their intellectual property.  The problem with that was, the internet has a way of disseminating information very fast to a wide rage of audiences, and the fans of Harry Potter bonded.  They took the power back and Warner Bros. had to cave.
According to Jenkins, Warner Bros. thought process was “Let’s re-imagine what the relationship is between Harry Potter fans and Harry Potter Franchise.” Although they thought they had the power, the fans can take away their money in strikes and protests really fast, and that is exactly what they did.  The fans kept the company in check.

Fan culture has definitely changed, in that, I believe it consumes lives more.  It is to an extreme, which is okay if that is what they want to do.  In my opinion, I cannot grasp the concept of that much involvement, but I also cannot judge someone who wants to be creative and express themselves differently than others. They clearly have a fan base, so if people are enjoying what they are creating, then they can keep doing what they are doing.  The most important part to me was the fans fighting back against Warner Bros. to produce the content and express themselves as fans, as they see fit.


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